The Games


A space ship from the film Wing Commander, a space base station, vans and cars - this is a game of attack
and defend! Defending teams launch their space ship to win! "10,9,8,7...... the countdown has started"

Total Wipeout - the game is only over once you have shot out all of the opposition!

A race to the flag, both teams need to work their way through the maze of nets to the flag in the middle of
the field, one team must raise the flag and the other team need to try and lower the flag to win the game.

Stonehenge-like pillars, a large pyramid and a 5' stone ball, - making for the biggest game of football you will
ever play! Take the 5 foot high stone ball from the pyramid and roll it through the Stonehenge 'goal posts' -
not a game for the faint hearted!

In a woodland field stands The Vault and a few little surprises - are you brave enough?

Deep in the American forest live the Hillbilly's: 2 rivals gangs after each others gold. Great fun

Inflatable millennium Supair field as used by the pro players, with electronic buzzer system - If you ever wanted
to have a go at the pro game, with our up to date Supair field this is how the pro's play, strike the buzzer to win
the game, all adrenalin stuff...the real thing!!


For anyone aged 8 years and above - even grown-ups!

Kid's use our soft shoot lightweight JT Z200 Splatmaster paintball marker which fires a small .50 calibre
low impact fragile paintball and get to play in our main gaming arenas.

Full head and face protection is provided in the form of a Head Shield and Goggle Set. Digital camouflage
uniforms are provided so no worries about getting dirty!

Unlimited paintballs so the fun never has to stop!